FEMA / Flood Zone Elevation Certificate
FEMA / Flood Zone Elevation Certificate

We offer Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Elevation Certificate services in all the New England states (as licensed Professional Land Surveyors).

Elevation Certificates are typically required for properties in, or near, Flood Hazard Zones. These zones are most often located in coastal regions and along rivers or water bodies. The requirement for an Elevation Certificate can be in response to an expiring insurance policy, a real estate transfer, or a refinancing application.

In developing an Elevation Certificate, the Land Surveyor will (a) make a determination as to whether the property’s structures are located in a Flood Hazard Zone, (b) establish a survey benchmark on or near the site relative to the current datum, (c) make field observations on select structural components as required by the Elevation Certificate, and (d) complete the Elevation Certificate and forward an executed version to the client.

You may use the FEMA Map Service Center address search tool to determine if your property is within a Flood Hazard Zone. You may also wish to view our easy "How To" guide to assist you in navigating the FEMA Map Service Center search tool. It may be helpful to print out the guide and have it handy while you research your property.

For Rhode Island locations, you might like to check out the Rhode Island Floodplain Mapping Tool. The Tool, as well as a tutorial, can be found on the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency web site.

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